Can I change my control4 dealer?

From the options at the home page select “My Account on the top right side of the main page. You will then see all of your account information such as your address, and your primary information including your dealer information on the bottom portion of the page. On the top right corner click the “Edit” button.

1. Go to > Sign In > Customer or and click Forgot Password. 2. In the Forgot Password page, enter your email address and click Request Password Reset.

Also, how do I connect my remote control 4? Procedures

  1. On the remote, press 4 to turn on the TV and view the Control4 home page in the on-screen Navigator.
  2. Press the arrow buttons on the remote to select Watch, Listen, and so on, for the TV.
  3. Press Select on the remote to make your selection on the TV.

Correspondingly, how do I change WiFi on control 4?

Use the Control4® system More > Settings > Network icon on your Navigators to view or change your IP or wireless network settings.

Wireless Connections

  1. Select More > Settings > Network.
  2. Next to Wireless, select Enable or Disable. Note: These settings appear if the device is wireless.
  3. View the status.

How do I find my control4 IP address?

Find Control4 router ip on OSX

  1. Open the OSX Terminal: Finder > Applications > Utilities > Terminal.
  2. Your Control4 router default IP will be shown, something like

How do I change my network settings?

To change a network’s settings, tap the network. Option 2: Add network Open your phone’s Settings app. Tap Network & internet. Wi-Fi. Make sure that Wi-Fi is on. At the bottom of the list, tap Add network. If needed, enter the network name (SSID) and security details. Tap Save.

How do I check my network settings?

On Android, you can find this information in the Settings app. Pull down from the top of the screen and tap the gear icon or open your app drawer and tap the “Settings” app icon to open it. Tap the “Wi-Fi” option under Wireless & networks, tap the menu button, and then tap “Advanced” to open the Advanced Wi-Fi screen.

How do you reset a remote control?

To perform a factory reset: Press the Setup button until the LED at the top of the remote changes from red to green. Press 9-8-1. The LED will blink green twice to indicate that the remote was reset.

How much is a control4 system?

The new Control4 EA Series (that’s “EA” for “entertainment and automation”) line of connected home controllers will range from $600 for a single-room setup to $2,000 for a unit powerful enough to smarten up a large home. Each offering in the EA Series acts like a hub for your home entertainment.

How do you restart a remote control?

From the remote computer’s Start menu, select Run, and run a command line with optional switches to shut down the computer: To shut down, enter: shutdown. To reboot, enter: shutdown –r. To log off, enter: shutdown –l.

How do you take the battery out of a control4 remote?

1 Turn the remote upside down. On the bottom of the remote, slide the battery cover toward you with your thumb and lift it off of the remote (Figure 1). 2 With your fingertip, remove the old batteries (Figure 2).

Can I program control 4 Myself?

If you’d like to take control over some automation tasks in the home yourself and not have to call your dealer every time you have a problem or question, use the Control4® system Composer HE (Home Edition) software to customize and program your home system (sold separately).

Is control4 any good?

The Control4 remote control is incredibly good in terms of functionality, easily on a par with the likes of the Logitech Harmony. I do everything TV-related with it. It’s replaced four remote controls in my living room: the TV remote, and those for Sky, Apple TV, and Fire TV. They all just live in a drawer now.

How does control 4 Work?

The systems can be controlled from the Control4 smartphone app, keypads fitted to the walls, a traditional remote, or a portable touch screen. A Control4 controller acts as the “brain” of the home, connecting to the home network and allowing the electronic devices and systems in the home to work together.

How do I get control4 Composer Pro?

Install the Composer Pro software. Use the Composer Pro installation software to install Composer on a PC and activate it using your Dealer user account. PC, you either connect to an existing Director or create a new Director, and then connect to it. Director is the Composer Pro project file (.

How do I connect my remote control 4 to my Apple TV?

As long as your C4 controller not too far from the Apple TV, you can connect a cable with an IR transmitter to the controller and glue the transmitter to the Apple TV’s IR sensor. Then your C4 dealer needs to configure your C4 controller to control the Apple TV via that IR connection.

How do I connect my Apple TV to control4?

Here are the steps cyknight posted. Step 1: Set the Apple TV to a static IP address. Step 2: Add Apple TV driver version 106. Step 3: Add IP address to the driver. Step 4: On the Apple TV navigate to Settings > Remotes and Devices > Remote App. Step 5: Send paring command from driver. Step 6: Pair the device “0000”