How long does a TLC license last?

Applications are valid for ninety calendar days from the date it is submitted to TLC. If an applicant does not complete all the licensing requirements within the ninety calendar day period, the application will be denied. All application fees are non-refundable.

You can renew an expired license by completing all renewal requirements within 180 days after your license expired. Licensees submitting late renewals will be charged a $25.00 late fee. Licenses will remain expired until all renewal requirements are submitted and TLC processes and approves the late renewal application.

Additionally, how hard is the TLC exam? TLC Driver Education Pass Rates The exam is made up of 80 multiple-choice questions. You must get a grade of 70% or higher (you must answer 56 out of 80 questions correctly to pass).

Also, how much does it cost to renew your TLC license?

You can make your payment online. Just log in to TLC License Application Renewal System (LARS) And a fee is only $252 for 3 years if one pays at least 1 month in advance; otherwise, TLC it is going to charge late fee of $25.

What is TLC license?

In New York City, the Taxi & Limousine Commission – TLClicenses drivers and vehicles to carry fare-paying passengers. Having a TLC driver’s license (now known as the universal license), grants drivers the authority to transport passengers using a TLC licensed vehicle.

How much does TLC license cost?

All TLC license applicants are required to complete a 24-hour Taxi School course and pass the exam. Some taxi schools that you can use include: Master Cabbie, Hanac NYC Taxi Academy, LaGuardia Taxi Institute, Abba Training School, and Knowledge Seekers, Inc. The price of the course is $175 and the exam fee is $75.

How much is the TLC inspection?

$75 – Inspection fee for vehicles with 500 miles or more.

How often do you need TLC inspection?

Your vehicle must be inspected every 4 months. Your vehicle must first be inspected by the TLC in order to get a new vehicle license. After the initial TLC inspection your vehicle must be inspected by a NYS DMV approved inspection station every 4 months during the 2 years of your license.

How long does it take to get a TLC license in the mail?

10 days

How do I check the status of my TLC license?

TLC Driver application status check for applicants who had applied for a new TLC driver’s license. For questions, please email [email protected] and visit for more detailed information.

Where can I get a TLC inspection?

Receive inspection appointment Once the TLC receives the payment and documents, they will email the vehicle owner an inspection appointment time at the TLC’s Safety & Emissions Facility located at 24-55 BQE West, Woodside, NY, 11377.

How long does it take to get a TLC license in New York?

Complete the TLC license application Submit your application for a TLC license. This is in addition to your DMV license. After you submit your application, you have 90 days to complete and submit all the requirements below.

What is FHV permit?

For-Hire Vehicle FHV Bases accept trip requests from passengers, dispatch drivers, are responsible for collecting and paying taxes, and pay into the NY Livery Fund and the Black Car Assistance Corporation, which provide certain driver benefits.

How much money can you make in New York with Uber?

New York Uber drivers make an average of $25.91 per ride. They work an average 30 hours per week. Gross income for NYC drivers is $80,839 per year (pre-tax). Net income is $45, 545 per year (pre-tax).

How can I get TLC license online?

You can complete your application online on the TLC’s website Select ‘Apply for New License’ on the left side of the page. Select ‘Driver’ for application type. Select “TLC Driver’s License (Medallion/For-Hire/Street Hail Livery Driver)” Save your TLC application number, you’ll need it later in the application process.

How much is a registration renewal in NY?

The registration renewal fees The following are the fees that you will have to pay when trying to renew your registration: 1,650 lbs or less vehicles will cost $26 to renew. 1,751 to 1,850 lbs vehicles will cost $29 to renew.

How do I renew my FHV license?

How to renew your FHV permit Pay the TLC renewal fee. Pay the renewal fee sent to you by the TLC. Send documents. Send copies of the vehicle registration and insurance (FH1 and Certificate of Liability) to the TLC. Get an inspection.

What is the number for TLC?

To schedule an appointment go to LabCorp or call them at 800-923-2624. The testing center will notify the TLC electronically. Results take approximately 3 days to be reported to TLC.

How do I get TLC plates?

How to get TLC Plates Step 1: Get a base letter and commercial insurance. Visit an Uber Greenlight Hub with your vehicle documents and licenses to get a TLC base letter. Step 2: Return to a Greenlight Hub. Step 3: Pick up your TLC plates at the DMV. Step 4: Complete an inspection. Step 5: Activate your Uber account.