How long does LP smart siding last?

Frankly, while the LP SmartSide warranty lasts 20 years beyond Hardie’s, it is prorated, so it loses value every year, and most homeowners are ready for a siding change by that time anyway.

Some LP installations have difficulty lasting even 20 years. The useful life of the siding depends a great deal on the amount of exposure and the quality of the installation.

Additionally, is Smart Siding any good? This engineered siding looks and feels like real cedar and provides the same beauty and warmth to houses. Moreover, it offers much better durability and performance. LP® SmartSide provides all the benefits of wood, vinyl, and fiber cement siding along with many other advantages. Let’s have a closer look at them.

Also to know is, does LP smart siding need to be painted?

According to the terms of LP’s application instructions, all exposed edges of LP® SmartSide® siding and trim must be primed and painted with approved paint to protect the siding substrate. The back side is better left unpainted. Therefore, do not prime the back side of the siding or trim.

What is LP smart siding made out of?

Material: LP SmartSide siding is a manufactured wood product. It is coated with SmartGuard®, LP’s proprietary sealant, which includes waxes, zinc borate and other advanced binders to make it resistant to water and termite damage.

Can you pressure wash LP smart siding?

To keep your home siding looking its best, use a cloth, sponge or soft brush and a bucket filled with a solution of mild detergent and water to wash the surface. Avoid using a pressure washer on LP SmartSide siding. High-pressure washing can cause moisture intrusion, discoloration and damage to the paint.

How often do you need to paint LP SmartSide?

LP recommends applying two coats of unthinned paint at the manufacturer’s required spread rate. The LP SmartSide 5/50 Year Limited Warranty offers you a 5-year, 100% labor and material replacement feature and a 50-year prorated limited warranty.

Is LP Smart Siding better than hardiplank?

Hardie Board Siding Cost vs LP Smart Side Across the US, Smartside is about 25-35% cheaper than Hardie. This difference amounts to thousands of dollars! LP is cheaper because both the materials and labor cost less than James Hardie.

Is t1 11 siding good?

T1-11 siding is strong, highly functional and durable – it has a long life as compared to other sidings. However, for many in the building community, it is thought of as cheap and is considered a low-quality material.

What does LP stand for in siding?

Louisiana-Pacific Corporation, commonly known as “LP”, is an American building materials manufacturer. It was founded in 1973 and is currently based in Nashville, Tennessee. LP pioneered the U.S. production of oriented strand board (OSB) panels.

Is LP SmartSide resistant to woodpeckers?

LP® SmartSide® exterior trim and siding is engineered to effectively resist damage from termites and wood boring insects. Insulation is form fit to the back of the panel, which eliminates the voids that exists in traditional vinyl siding and add the impact resistance needed to prevent the woodpecker from pecking.

How much does it cost to side a 2000 sq ft house?

The average cost to side a house ranges from $4,300 to $15,700, or $3 to $11 per square foot depending on the size of home and materials used. Vinyl siding prices average $7,100 for a 2,000 square foot home.

Can LP Smart Siding be stained?

Can I use a traditional transparent or semi-transparent stain on SmartSide products? a. No. These stains are typically low in solids and provide less protection from UV and other weathering effects.

How do you clean LP smart siding?

For best results, SmartSide siding should be washed annually to remove dirt and grime, and prevent damage from mildew and mold. Choose the right cleaner. To clean siding, use a solution of water and mild detergent. Wash the surface with a soft brush, sponge or cloth, and rinse off remaining residue with a garden hose.

When was LP siding recall?

Between 1985 and 1995 800,000 homes were sided with a Louisiana-Pacific (LP) product called Inner Seal that sparked one of the largest class-action lawsuits in history after the siding began to fail. Over $500 Million has been paid out to customers regarding this suit.

How thick is LP smart siding?

LP® SmartSide® Precision Series panel siding is available in 3/8, 7/16 and 19/32 Performance Categories (nominal thicknesses of 9.5, 11 and 15 mm, respectively), 1,220 mm width and in lengths of 2,440, 2,745, and 3,050 mm.