How much are shutters for a house?

National Average Cost:

A store-bought pair of 15-inch by 63-inch raised-panel vinyl shutters can start at around $70, while a pair of custom-made painted wood shutters for a 36-inch by 66-inch window can cost $400 to $500. The hardware can cost another $100 per window, on top of installation costs if you hire a window pro.

Likewise, how much does it cost to put up hurricane shutters? Accordion hurricane shutters can cost between $15 and $25 per square foot.

Herein, do shutters increase home value?

Increase Appraisal Value of Your Home If you’re trying to sell your home, adding plantation shutters can make your home instantly more valuable. Plantation shutters are custom-made for the windows, which means that the shutters will remain with the home once it’s sold.

How much does it cost to install shutters outside?

Cost to Install Exterior Shutters

Exterior Shutters Cost Zip Code Shutters
Basic Better
Exterior Shutters – Installation Cost $41.00 – $51.10 $71.20 – $81.30
Exterior Shutters – Total $118.00 – $157.70 $201.84 – $232.00
Exterior Shutters – Total Average Cost per unit installed $68.92 $108.46

Are shutters a good investment?

The plantation shutters are considered as the classic window treatment that offers good looks, good insulation as well as long life. One may prefer installation of plantation shutters as louvers or jalousies that are available in the market in a wide range.

Are wood or vinyl exterior shutters better?

Shutters that are made from real wood are more energy efficient and durable than vinyl exterior shutters. If cared for properly, these shutters will last for 10 to 20 years and can be painted or stained to your tastes at home, even if the manufacturer doesn’t offer custom paints and stains.

Are shutters more expensive than blinds?

Shutters tend to be more expensive than blinds, but are also more durable. A set of quality shutters can last a lifetime when properly cared for, making them an excellent investment for any home.

How much do shutters cost per window?

Expect to spend $20 to $45 per square foot. Wood shutters will run you $200 to $350 per window, while composite shutters cost $80 to $200.

What do shutters do for a house?

They were used for safety and to keep out bad weather. Today shutters have become a symbol of a quaint cottage or are used simply to dress up a house. By remembering shutters’ original purpose, you can use them effectively to give a house real pop and appeal.

How long do vinyl shutters last?

These shutters can last up to 20 to 30 years (or another 30 years if stripped and recoated!), for an affordable price, with little maintenance.

Are plantation shutters still in style?

And because it is still and will remain in style for the foreseeable future, it’s a smart investment into your home. To learn more about our plantation shutters, and how they can help turn your home into a interior design masterpiece, contact us.

How much are vinyl shutters?

Vinyl Exterior Shutters In fact, on the low end, standard-sized vinyl shutters cost only around $25 each. Even custom-sized or specially designed vinyl shutters are reasonably priced, starting at about $200 each.

Are shutters worth the cost?

Plantation shutters are worth it because they offer an elegant look, and are energy-efficient by directing airflow and deflecting heat. Plantation shutters are durable, add extra privacy, and are easier to clean compared to curtains or blinds. Also, they can add value to your home.

Are shutters better than blinds?

Shutters can block the light better than blinds, because the are mounted on a frame which will be fitted into your window frame. However, shutters cannot completely block out the light. For a better darkening solution, you can chose a combination of shutters with integrated blackout blinds.

Should my shutters and door match?

You absolutely should match all of your doors.” In fact, my recommendation is to actually paint your front door a different color than your shutters.

Do houses look better with shutters?

It’s better to have some windows without shutters than to put them on windows that are too wide for them. Don’t use a shutter on one side of a window where a door or the corner of the house prevents you from adding its mate. Also, consider painting shutters the same color as your front door.

Do shutters make house look smaller?

Your shutter color should match the accent color you use for doors or decorative trim. If you choose lighter colors, it will help a smaller house look larger. Shutters that match the color of your window trim can make smaller windows look larger.

What adds the most value to a house?

Some home improvement projects that add value to a home include: Remodeling the Kitchen. Bathroom Addition. Reinventing a Room. Adding Energy-Efficient Windows. Deck Addition. Energy-Efficient Insulation. Basic Updates.