How much does hunt a killer cost?

Our monthly membership is $30.00 per month plus shipping, billed monthly. If you choose this plan, one Hunt A Killer season costs $180.00 in total, plus shipping. You can cancel your membership at any time.

The membership program, which ranges from $25 to $30 per month, is an expansion of the Hunt a Killer company that Hogan and Smith launched last year.

One may also ask, is hunt a killer family friendly? Best For A Six Month Run: Hunt A Killer ($25 per month) Yup, this isn’t for family consumption. Each month, you’re sent a box of clues and it’s down to you to figure out what the heck is going on.

Beside above, how long does hunt a killer take?

It takes 6 months and almost $200 to Hunt A Killer.

How many boxes does it take to solve hunt a killer?

A lot of our members compare it to their favorite TV shows, because 6 boxes make up one season of Hunt A Killer. You can choose from a 1 (monthly), 6 (full season pass) or 12 month (double season pass) package. and you can cancel at any time.

Is hunt a killer good?

Great Fun. My husband and I love murder-mystery movies and books, and Hunt A Killer is the perfect time to spend together to solve a murder. We enjoy working together as a team as we work through the monthly box.

Who created hunt a killer?

Our first Hunt A Killer episode was very much trial and error. We had only two writers (including our Cofounder, Derrick Smith) and a graphic designer. And we were completing the development of episodes a week before they shipped – lead time for sourcing items was extremely limited.

What is hunt a serial killer?

Launched in January 2017, Hunt a Killer sends a monthly membership box (at $30 per month) to subscribers filled with clues, codes, and ciphers related to a larger serial killer plot.

Who murdered harmony Ashcroft?

The victim, Harmony Ashcroft, was murdered in the parking lot behind a restaurant during her own wedding rehearsal dinner. Bones McBride, a local vagrant, was framed for the murder and has spent over 2 decades behind bars despite being 100% innocent! Your job is to prove his innocence and convict the real killer.

What is the best mystery box service?

Here are the best mystery and escape room subscription boxes that you must try during your next game night. Escape the Crate. Price: $26.50 every 2 months. Hunt a Killer. Price: $33.95 a month. Murder Mystery in a Box. Price: $35 a month. Finders Seekers. Deadbolt Mystery Society. Madmen & Heroes. Boxed Locks.